926- Sea Spy
927- Ford F-150 Raptor (alteration to MB788)
928- Desert Thunder V16 (alteration to MB712)
929- International CXT (alteration to MB687)
930- Pontiac Piranha (alteration to MB556)
931- 3-axle Dump Truck (alteration to MB536)
932- Flame Smasher (alteration to MB866)
933- Dodge Charger Pursuit (alteration to MB846)
934- Blizzard Buster (alteration to MB842)
935- BMW R-1200 R-TP Police (alteration to MB841)
936- Water Tanker (alteration to MB840)
937- Urban Tow Truck (alteration to MB839)
938- Ford F-350 Superlift Brush (alteration to MB837)
939- WorkStar Brush Fire Truck (alteration to MB801)
940- Road Roller (alteration to MB800)
941- Jungle Crawler (alteration to MB783)
942- Sahara Survivor (plastic body) (alteration to MB78
943- MBX Street Sweeper (alteration to MB776)
944- Ford E-350 Ambulance (alteration to MB771)
945- Subaru Impreza WRX Police (alteration to MB751)
946- Scraper (alteration to MB745)
947- Porsche 911GT3 (alteration to MB729)
948- Ground Breaker (alteration to MB707)
949- 2006 Fire Engine (alteration to MB698)
950- Tractor Plow (alteration to MB686)
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